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Porch Music

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You may NOT......
1. dress as Luke Skywalker
2. drink to the point where it is obvious you are drunk and my rents notice
3. interfere with the peformance of the bands
4. come naked
5. be unkind to Andy Hui under any circumstances
7. quote a rap song ex: what?! ya!
8. stare (it's rude)
9. steal from the concession stand
10. steal things I own
11. poop on my lawn
12. jump on the trapoline without my approval
13. mock the fact I cannot legally operate a motor vehicle
14. touch the instruments/equipment
15. tell anyone you like Cher
16. try too hard to be a hippie
17. attempt or plan to sleep over/camp out in my yard
18. pull graham's hair
19. bring a midget
20. park on my lawn or in my driveway without permission
21. explore the inside of my house
22. sell NO2 in the street
23. try to set up your own concession stand or alternate stage
24. yell out "freebird" during a performance
25. converse with Bret Tanderson

Rules of Porch Music must be obeyed