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Porch Music

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Be sure to let me know about your interest in a t-shirt so I can make sure I have one ready for you one the day of porch music.

T-Shirts have been made! More are coming if I get enough of a response from people. They will cost $7 for a shirt or $3 if you give me shirt of your choosing (white, grey or light colors work best) and want me to print my logo on the shirt. If you want a shirt early let me know and you can pick it up. The following are the availible shirts that have already been made. More can be made if requested.
-Red logo on white shirt - LG x 2,  XL x 1
-Blue logo on tan shirt - LG x 1 (fits slightly smaller than white t-shirts)
-Green logo on grey shirt -  M x 1
These are what has been made so far. If you want I can put any color logo (red, blue or green) on any color shirt (tan, white or grey). The layout is as follows

Front of shirt

Back of shirt

Notify me if you want a shirt!