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Porch Music

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Join Barefoot, and Faisal Mansur (the return of) for an evening of music on John Nielsen's back porch on Thursday August 5th starting at 6:30.
To get to my home: if you are coming from the west you must get on Bluemound and go east towards Moorland/Pilgrim Road. Pass the Moorland and Bluemound intersection remaining on Bluemound and take a right on N PARK Blvd (Andy LaBonte's street if you know it). It has to stone lightposts on either side and is about the 6th or 7th road off bluemound on your right after you pass Moorland. Take that road back through a couple of intersections until it turns into WOODRIDGE Circle. Continue straight and the street will curve up a hill. My house is the fourth one on the right (there is one house in the woods so it looks like the third. It is a tan color and is box shaped. The address is 14555. Be there or be square and come as early as you wish.

T-Shirts have been made! They will sell now for $7. Click this link for more information!


BIGGER NEWS, ok so Alibi is not getting together and it's just too much chaos late in the game so we just gonna have some jamming from like 6:15 to about 7:15 before Faisel Mansur comes on. It will probably just some of the guys from the bands plus myself, curt and maybe danny. It should still be a good time so still come out at 6:30 and grab some food and chill.

In light of the success of Brookoustix I thought it would be fun to have another evening of music. We will have concessions most likely including some sort of grilled food and soda/beverages. There will also be a small bonfire type thing. We should be able to fit the bands nicely on my back porch. My back yard is pretty much surrounded by woods so it should do nicely. As of right now the schedule seems to be shaping with Faisal Mansur (the current lineup seems to be Nuvem minus Ricky plus Colin Foster and possibly Ben Ilhardt) and Barefoot (you all know Poreba, Ilhardt, Rausch and Rusch). Keep checking this site for details if you care otherwise just show up. My rents will be home, have your fun in moderation and do your best to take care of that before you come. If bad things happen we will have to stop the music, and a whole lot of people will not be happy with you. Don't ruin it for anyone else, be responsible.


6:15 - Jamming
7:30 - Faisel Mansur
8:45 - Barefoot

Zack De La Rocha says "Come to Porch Music!"

Any questions about a desire to perform or anything for that matter contact John Nielsen somehow